Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks, Friends

I owe you all some thanks.
In January, on the heels of a tough holiday and the decision to get a divorce, etcetera, I wrote this:
"2009 is an infant at this stage, and I'm already understanding just how much of a bitch she's gonna grow up to be."
Today I'm reflecting, and can see where I was right. 2009 was a bitch. Is now a full grown bitch. I have so much freaking work to do in the coming weeks. Papers, exams, moving, resettling, job-finding, grad program applying... And, while separated, I'm still not divorced, which makes me feel a bit constipated.
It is easy to be negative about all this, but here's the bright side: I realize how lucky I am. I get to travel the world doing work that I love to do with good friends. I get to have terrifying rides through the Oaxaca mountains in the backs of vans. I get to eat good food and drink good drink. I get to read and write. I get to talk about motorcycles and sheep farming. I get to think about the future. I get to create. I have love. I get to be happy with myself and the people around me (or far away).
Yes, 2009 has been hard, but it was not joyless.
At lunch one day last week in Mexico, Gale said something funny. Really funny. In fact, I lost my shit. I laughed like I haven't laughed since... Well, I honestly can't remember. It was the kind of unchecked, choking, food-coming-out-of-your-nose laughter that seems to happen once a decade, but should probably happen daily. My laughing got Gale laughing, and we both made a ridiculous cackling scene in the restaurant that just went on and on. I couldn't see straight and, though we were stone-sober, I'm sure we appeared to have had a few too many shots of complimentary mezcal.
This year so far, there have been hundreds of instances like this. Maybe not laughter exactly, but equally poignant for sure. If you're reading this, we've probably had at least one together. Friends, don't think that the value of times like this is lost on me. I appreciate every second.
So, to all of you, for all the joy in this bitch of a year, Thank you.


  1. Just glad to be along for the ride

  2. Love it! The blog and the incident. Uncontrollable laughter is just the best! I can't wait until the next time. There will be a next time. The best part is the suprise attack of joy. See you soon buddy ~ Gale

  3. What a nice "all things considered." (And it just happens that the K3 pledge drive is on right now) Who would we be if we didn't acknowledge the good and the bad moments in life? Surely not ourselves.

    Just like yawns can be contageous, good laughter can be addicting..and refreshing. Glad you had that moment.....and here's to more!

  4. Changing tides and demanding times are truly the most inspiring. Keep on riding through - Tuuli